BlazBlue: Central Fiction, which is not a visual novel, launches soon in the west

November 1 in the US and November 4 in Europe

Arc System Works is no stranger to visual novels based on their universes, so it’s a bit confusing to most people when you tell them that BlazBlue: Central Fiction exists.

It is, indeed, the next fully-fledged BlazBlue fighting game with an increased roster of 34 characters, and for now, seems to be the only planned one for some time (Arc recently stated that there isn’t an expansion in the works…yet). It’s been tested in Japanese arcades for over a year, and now we finally know the US and European release dates — November 1 and November 4 respectively. As a reminder, the character Es will be free DLC for the first two weeks of release, and since you can download her off the PSN without actually owning the game, I suggest everyone does so while they can.

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