Blade Kitten: Part cat, part girl, all PSN title

Australian dev Krome Studios has announced that it will be bringing its action adventure title, Blade Kitten, to PlayStation Network this spring.

If you’re asking “WTF’s a ‘blade kitten’?”, your answer can be found on the official Blade Kitten Web site. It’s a comic series, created by Krome’s co-founder and creative director, Steve Stamatiadis. For reference, Stamatiadis also created Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

In Blade Kitten, players take control over Kit Ballard, a part cat, part girl bounty hunter who rides an alien mount named Noot. (Don’t all part cat, part girls have alien mounts?) The game will be released in two parts, featuring 19 levels with an emphasis on action, narrative, and “high quality cinematics.”

We’ll get our first look at the game tonight — a trailer of the game will premiere on Spike TV’s GameTrailers TV

Nick Chester