Blade is in Fortnite now, and it’s open season on all suckheads

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Nearly a year ago now (time flies) I saw a re-release of the original Blade in theaters, and it still holds up. Wesley Snipes just embodies the character (a little too method in later years!), and it quietly managed to make superhero movies cool way before the original 2000 X-Men broke the dam. The daywalker is about to get even more relevant too, as he’s been recently confirmed for the MCU.

Before that happens, Epic Games has added Blade to their Marvel Fortnite event in skin form. Available today, you can snag Blade in one of two ways: just the two skins (cloaked and non-cloaked) for 2000 V-Bucks (roughly $20) or in bundle form for 2300 V-Bucks. The bundle will stay at that price until roughly 12AM ET tonight, and comes with a special glider, as well as a sword back-bling, an emote and a sword-themed pickaxe. After that time it’ll revert to 3500 V-Bucks.

I haven’t bought a Fortnite skin in ages, so I plunked down my own cash for Blade this time around. The skins themselves are well-made, and the glider has one of the most over-the-top animations thus far. As a reminder, Fortnite is running a special Marvel-universe brawl mode right now, on top of their experimental “Party Royale” hangout gametype (which is kind of like Second Life but more action oriented: a clear response to the current global lockdown).

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