Blade and Soul releases today

Blade & Soul, I fell in love with you…

Blade & Soul is a rare example of a game that managed to completely slip under my radar. Before I saw a few people excited about it yesterday, I had literally never heard of the game.

Well, turns out it’s out today. I had to wait probably less than 12 hours between hearing about it and being able to play it, which is pretty sweet.

It’s a free-to-play MMO that looks like the happy point between the gorgeous Black Desert and the fun as hell DC Universe Online, which I’m totally up for. It looks lovely, has real-time action based combat, and lots of movement options like flying, running on water, and wall-running.

Has anyone been excited about this game and just not told me about it? Because if so, shame on you. It looks rad, and I’m going into this with very high expectations.

You can watch the launch trailer up top, or you can download the game from the website

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