Blade and Soul hits one million active users in just one week

It’s been ‘tremendous,’ says NCSoft

NCSOFT’s new MMORPG, Blade and Soul, has reached one million active players in just a week since launch.

Blade and Soul was originally released in Korea in 2012, but it took four more years to reach North America and Europe, releasing on January 19, 2016.

“The sheer enthusiasm – not to mention volume – of North American and European players that have jumped into Blade & Soul since launch has been tremendous,” said John Burns, senior VP of Publishing at NCSOFT West. 

In our first impressions report, we said that the game looks great, adding: “Right now I’m having fun but I’m wondering if I’ll hit a grind wall like I have with many other Korean MMOs. But for now, I’m forging ahead and having quite a bit of fun.”

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