Blacksite producer Harvey Smith and Midway part ways

Just yesterday we ran a story about Blacksite: Area 51 producer, Harvey Smith, and the strong words he had regarding the game’s production. Among the other things, Smith said the “project was was so f**ked up” and that a year prior to release “the game was disastrously off rails.” He also noted issues with shared technology that hindered production of the title.

It appears when it comes to publicly airing dirty laundry about your current employer, honesty is not the best policy. According to a report on GameTap, Midway and the creative director of Midway’s Austin, Texas studio have parted ways. Midway-Austin studio head Denise Fulton confirmed the departure, calling it “a mutual agreement between Harvey and the studio.”

While I respect Smith’s honesty, I don’t find this surprising at all. Regardless of what organization or industry you work for, publicly bad-mouthing the team you worked with or company that signs your checks is a bad idea. The “mutual agreement” was more likely a strongly worded conversation with management that ended in Smith handing in his resignation rather than being fired. 

Smith has years of industry experience, having previously worked with Warren Spector on the critically-acclaimed Deus Ex, as well as System Shock and Wing Commander. With such a strong background, we’re sure he should have no trouble finding new projects, and we wish him the best of luck.

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