Blackhole: Complete Edition comes to PS4 & Xbox One

Space is the place

Blackhole is making its way over to consoles in the form of a Complete Edition, which gathers all of the game’s available DLC, this week. If you consider yourself a fan of indie games, this should definitely be on your radar.

I’ve been waiting for the console release since all the way back when Destructoid’s Conrad Zimmerman gave the PC version a whopping 9/10 in his review of the game over two years ago. This Tuesday, I’m finally going to get my grubby little mitts on the damn thing. It reminds me of the game Braid in all of the right ways. Plus, I’m a total sucker for cheeky sci-fi stories. For all practical purposes, this is my wheelhouse.

Blackhole: Complete Edition launches August 8 for $14.99 on PS4/Xbox One and $13.99 on Steam. 

Kevin Mersereau
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