Black Ops preorders outperforming Modern Warfare 2

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If you wanted a clue as to how increasingly popular the Call of Duty franchise gets year after year, then look no further. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, despite its amazing popularity, is being beaten out in the pre-order department by Black Ops.

Pacific Crest analyst Evan Wilson provided the details, but added that he believes Black Ops’ post-launch retail performance may not be as strong as Modern Warfare 2‘s thanks to “competition, weaker marketing, and the Infinity Ward situation.”

I don’t think any of those problems cited by Wilson will harm Black Ops‘ performance. As far as competition goes, World at War came out during a hugely congested November 2008, and still set sales records. In terms of marketing, it’s only July and Activision isn’t going to let this fly under the radar, and the Infinity Ward situation? Nobody really cares outside of the relatively gamers who check game blogs. Even among them, you will still see people buying Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops Pre-Orders Outpacing Modern Warfare 2, says Analyst [Industry Gamers]

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