Black Ops III’s new mode is more Mirror’s Edge than Call of Duty

With a dash of Titanfall

Don’t expect Call of Duty: Black Ops III to be all killing. Well, it’ll be a fair amount of that. But there’s also some running, and the game’s newest mode focuses squarely on that.

During a developer livestream today, Treyarch showed off the Freerun mode. It’s an obstacle course designed to take advantage of Black Ops III‘s movement mechanics. Treyarch says that it’ll be punishing on higher difficulties and that competition for leaderboard glory will be tight and fierce. 

Freerun doesn’t completely holster the guns, though. Targets pop up that need shooting. For every bullet missed, it adds a harsh one-second penalty to your time. Inaccuracy’s enough to turn a great run into a bad one.

The above video shows off the new mode, and the good stuff starts at about 16:45. For once, Call of Duty chooses flight over fight.

Brett Makedonski
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