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Black Ops 6’s snipers are going to be incredibly powerful, and fans love it

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Treyarch has confirmed that sniper rifles in Black Op 6 will be incredibly powerful, and fans of the Call of Duty series are celebrating before they’ve even gotten the chance to play it.

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In an interview with VentureBeat, when asked about how Black Ops 6 and Warzone would work together, Treyarch Associate Director Matt Scronce stated: “I was just talking to my lead weapons designer about shots to kill on sniper rifles yesterday. In Black Ops 6 multiplayer, for example, all of our sniper rifles are one shot torso up.”

“Obviously you’ll have different characteristics as far as slow fire, fast fire, recoil. But we’ll talk across the studios. We’re all very aware of what we’re doing. There’s a goal of consistency, but there’s also a goal of doing what’s right for each experience.

Snipers will kill enemies with one shot from the torso up. Image via Activision

This, of course, will have big ramifications on how the game is played, but according to fans of the series, as long as Treyarch make sure they are balanced, they welcome the news. “Just give them some decent flinch,” wrote Suets on Reddit, while cR_Spitfire stated: “Thank God, I’m so sick of Warzone health where a point-blank shotgun does no damage.”

“This is fine [as long as] the TTK isn’t high again,” stated TheHybred. “If it is then that’s going to be annoying. High TTK ruins sniping [because] it’s either too [overpowered] or it’s unfun [because] it has to have excessive flinch and ADS penalties to be balanced.”

In the end, though, R_Dixey said it best, writing: “Treyarch always makes the best snipers.”

Personally, I’m not much of a sniper, but the last game I ran one regularly on was Black Ops Cold War, so it should come as no surprise that I agree with R_Dixey. Treyarch’s iteration of the gun always feels best to be, so I can’t wait to get my hands on it later this year.

With the new omnidirectional movement system that sees players able to dive and jump in all directions, hitting your shots may be harder than ever, so making them powerful is a good way to make it worthwhile.

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