Black Friday gaming monitor deals start at $99

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Whether your budget is $99 or $550, there are deals a plenty this Black Friday week on gaming monitors. We’ve rounded up all the goodies from the past few days (and will be adding as more show up). Everything below is at its historic low price.

The budget pick is, of course, the 24-inch Dell gaming monitor. It’s a ho-hum TN panel, but it also sports a 1ms response time and is only $99.99! About 60 percent were claimed as of writing, so stock should still be good to go.

On the higher end, there’s a WQHD 34-inch Samsung Curved monitor with a 4ms response time for $550. If you’re looking for 4K, there are plenty of choices below, with the more sensibly priced one being the 24-inch FreeSync Samsung (with 4K) for $199.99 at Adorama.

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