Black Friday ad reveals two new DS colors

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It seems the Japan DS color craze may be affecting the US after all. While American DS users do have a few colors to choose from, they paled in comparison to all the limited edition DS selections in the land of the Rising Sun. Gamers will be pleased to see that two new bundles go on sale on Black Friday, one rose colored with a pawprint on the cover and packed with Nintendogs, the other gold with a Triforce emblem and packed with Phantom Hourglass.

Obviously the Nintendogs bundle is mostly aimed at kids, but at $149.99 a bundle it doesn’t do one much good to complain as the girls ought to love it. The Zelda bundle is pretty sweet and ought to delight the Hyrulian obsessed. If you’ve already forked out the money for Phantom Hourglass, you have to buy it again to get the DS, but you can always sell the extra copy, or trade it to a homeless man for a bottle of Boone’s Farm.

[Via DSFanboy, thanks Joe!] 

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