Bizarro world: Kane & Lynch, Crossfire exclusives now headed to the PS3

You know how all these “exclusives” were leaving the PlayStation 3 and heading for a multiplatform release across the Xbox 360 and PC? And, do you remember how we (by we, I mean you) declared the PS3 dead because of this? Well, it’s time to maybe start changing that tune as SCi has just announced that their previously 360 and PC exclusives Kane & Lynch and Crossfire are now scheduled for a PS3 release. From Next-Gen:

SCi has altered release plans for two of its major titles by announcing that Kane & Lynch and Crossfire are set to be to be launched on multiple platforms pre-Christmas 2007 and early 2008.

The two titles in question were originally due for release on PC and Xbox 360 during Sci’s 2007 financial year. However, according to statement, SCi says it has “taken the commercial decision to launch two new games from it’s leading franchises, simultaneously on a multi-platform basis – including previously unannounced PlayStation 3 versions which are currently in advanced stages of development.

I can only hope you can hear my evil laugh all the way from Los Angeles. 

Robert Summa