Bizarre ‘allowed by Nintendo’ Kickstarter campaign for Super Mario World: The Lost Chapter canceled right after it began

So weird

An Italian based Kickstarter that allegedly had the backing of Nintendo to release a “never before seen 1989 edition of Super Mario World” has unceremoniously been canceled mere days after it started.

With stretch goals for SNES/Switch/3DS ports, this campaign’s goal, which again, was supposedly “officially accepted by Nintendo of America on March 16, 2018,” went live several days ago, but came to an abrupt halt with just €971 of its €30,000 goal (and €90,000 3DS stretch goal).

Folks were immediately skeptical of the sanctions from Nintendo, not to mention the images lifted directly from UnSeen64’s investigation on the Super Mario World prototype. This entire thing was littered with red flags, just like the “unofficial Star Wars open world RPG.”

We’ve reached out to Nintendo of America to see if this was indeed approved, and if so, why it was canceled.

Super Mario World: Chapter 0 [Kickstarter]

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