Bit.Trip RUNNER soundtrack available meow, also fan video

If your a fan of the Bit.Trip series, chances are that you’re already hip to this jive, but I figured I’d lay it on you anyway. You can buy the soundtrack for Bit.Trip RUNNER now on (along with the soundtracks for all the other Bit.Trip games.) It’s a pretty awesome set list, featuring compositions from the regular Bit.Trip sound designer, and that group that people always tell me that I should like, Anamanaguichi. The good people at Gaijin Games even threw in a few bonus tracks, never before made available to human ears. I assume they were originally planned for the game but got scrapped, maybe for the Canabalt-esque level that had to be cut?

Oh, and had you seen the fan movement Gabo that started with that video up there? It’s pretty awesome. Expect to see Commander Video in an upcoming episode of Sundays with Sagat.

Let our tiny fan bases’ powers combine!

Jonathan Holmes
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