Bit.Trip RUNNER looks insane, promises to totally rule

Bit.Trip was easily my favorite new IP of 2009. BEAT, CORE, and VOID are all amazing in their own ways, but as great as they are, they couldn’t have prepared me for this.

Bit.Trip RUNNER, the fourth game in the series, looks amazing. It’s planned to be a rhythm-platformer in the style of Vib Ribbon, and will have over 50+ levels. That information alone has me thinking that it could easily go on to be my 2010 Game of the Year. It’s also got me wondering how the team behind the series could possibly top themselves from here. After RUNNER, what the hell are they going to do to blow my mind?

Ah, what am I worried about? They haven’t let me down yet.

OK, I’m going to go lock myself in a dark room now and listen to the Vib Ribbon soundtrack until I start hallucinating. It may be the only way for me to deal with the overwhelming urge I have to fly to the Gaijin Games studios and try to steal Bit.Trip RUNNER before it’s done.

And don’t forget that you could get your artwork into Bit.Trip RUNNER. Yes, you too could be a part of greatness.

Gaijin Games Reveals First Bit.Trip RUNNER Details [Nintendolife]

Jonathan Holmes
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