Bit.Trip FLUX teaser today, Lilt Line release tomorrow

If you beat the Bit.Trip stocking level in the bland-but-serviceable free 2D platformer Mission in Snowdriftland, you unlock this teaser image for Bit.Trip FLUX. I’ve played the game, which gives me the proper context to understand what’s going on here, but how about you? What do you think this is all about?

In other Gaijin Games news, Lilt Line is getting it’s long awaited release on WiiWare tomorrow. We plan on doing a live stream of the game, as well as the two more under-appreciated games in the Bit.Trip series (CORE and VOID) tomorrow afternoon, so watch for that. Members of the Gaijin Games team intend to stop by, so bring your questions.

There will be much Dubstepping.

[Thanks NintenDaan!]

Jonathan Holmes
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