Bit.Trip Core’s release date revealed, also Michael Jackson

Those sexy bastards at Gaijin Games excel at cryptic blogs. When you actually talk to them face to face, they are extremely straightforward, articulate, and insightful, but when they start blogging about their games, they just love to tease. 

Yesterday, they posted the above image on their official site, with the monosyllabic title “CORE” along with it. From that, I think we can guess that Bit.Trip Core will be released on WiiWare on July 6th, and that it will be the 100th WiiWare game. Awesome news. After playing the game at E3, I’ve been racked by suspense, wondering if I would end up loving Core more, less, or the same as Bit.Trip Beat. Looks like it wont be long before I find out. 

Also, they just whipped up a tribute to Michael Jackson, and it’s quite classy. Check it out in the gallery.

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