Bit Transmission episode 2

Episode 2 of Bit Transmission is available for your perusal.

This one did not exactly go according to plan. Mostly because I’m an idiot and suggested that we should talk about a game the weekend before it releases, knowing full well that our speculations on it wouldn’t be available until two days after all doubt would have been laid to rest. That doesn’t mean we didn’t talk about it, just that it’s not the conversation we’d had in mind.

That said, there are some highlights to this episode. We did, in fact, discuss Natal and responded to some of the great questions and comments that were sent in. Though uncredited in the episode itself, the entirety of the Mega Man 10 content in this episode was due to a conversation between Tascar and Tubatic. So, thanks for that.

Judge for yourself. Show notes reside after the jump. We’re still not on iTunes — not legitimately, at any rate — but there is an RSS feed for the show at this link. You can e-mail us at “bits (at) bittransmission (dot) com” and you may want to follow us on Twitter (@bittransmission). Just saying.

Direct download: BTP002.mp3

Bit Transmission ep#002
Total running time: 1:08:39

0:00:54 – 0:08:47 | Metroid: Other M
0:08:58 – 0:22:27 | Becoming emotional over games
0:22:28 – 0:28:14 | Heavy Rain
0:28:33 – 0:37:31 | Project Natal
0:37:36 – 0:47:14 | Mega Man 10
0:47:27 – 0:56:09 | Physical and digital media (Q from DreRox)
0:56:22 – 1:00:33 | Mega Man Legends 3? (Q from Turbokill)
1:00:50 – 1:04:23 | Yakuza 3 cut content (Q from thecleaningguy)
1:04:24 – 1:07:47 | Release and patch design (Q from thecleaningguy)
1:07:48 – 1:08:39 | Closing and episode 3 tease

Music used in this episode
“Ending” – Super Metroid OST
“Cherry Blossom Color Season” – Katamari Damacy OST
“The Wonderful Star’s Walk is Wonderful” – Katamari Damacy OST
“MENU” – Mega Man 9 OST
“BOSS” – Mega Man 9 OST

Conrad Zimmerman