Bit Transmission episode 10

Ten episodes. That’s how many it took for me to get one up late. The week after E3 was not the best time to attempt getting a show together. We’ve learned a valuable lesson today.

Episode 10 features Ed McMillen of Team Meat. We talk about Super Meat Boy, Hitler and the dangers of being multiplatform in a fanboy world. It’s a pretty good time. You should invite your friends.

Oh, and we’re doing a little something special to celebrate our tenth episode of the show. Hit the jump for this episode’s show notes and additional information

Direct download: BTP010.mp3

Bit Transmission ep#010 

Total running time: 58:16

0:00:53 – 0:07:50 | The decline and rise of 2D
0:07:50 – 0:13:20 | Changing the difficulty game 
0:14:46 – 0:20:40 | Super Meat Boy
0:20:54 – 0:26:28 | Objectionable content
0:26:28 – 0:31:26 | A whole lotta Hitler
0:33:16 – 0:39:24 | Being weird amongst art games
0:39:28 – 0:45:21 | Well, fcuk.
0:45:21 – 0:33:27 | Multiplatforming
0:33:28 – 0:39:23 | Closing and tease

So, what’s the surprise? Visit the Bit Transmission forum and download Bit Transmission Sprite Pack #1, a collection of the sprites used to represent the cast and some of our guests in the art which accompanies each episode of the show. Now, if only you had a good reason to play with sprites.
How about this? The folks who make the three best images created using the Sprite Pack (as determined by the cast of Bit Transmission) will each get a surprise prize pack. It could be Sea Monkeys, it could be games, it could be pretty much anything really. Head over to the forums to get more details on the contest!
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