BioWare’s bold plan for saving Anthem? Pirates

Can’t hurt

Pirates are a pivotal part of Anthem‘s redemption arc. Ridiculous? Maybe. But there’s really nowhere to go but up.

BioWare Austin director Christian Dailey is the lead fixer-upper on Anthem after EA decided to go back to the drawing board and overhaul the whole dang game. Recently, he shared some concept art of Anthem‘s fourth faction, the Pirates of Blood Wind.

And here’s their hideout:

As it turns out, “this is the Anthem, throw all your hands up” isn’t so much a feel-good party prompt. Your hands go up in surrender as the pirates plunder.

Anyway, given the ambiguous timeline on this complete reworking, Anthem‘s getting repackaged for next-gen consoles, isn’t it?

Anthem 2.0 concept art reveals new pirate faction [PC Gamer]

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