BioWare: we don’t need violence to attract gamers anymore

Mmm, delicious blood. Who can deny the thrill of watching to fly while playing a videogame? I can’t, especially on those stressful days when it just feels good to beat the crap out of some virtual victims. The thrill is there, but BioWare seems to think that the gaming industry may not have to rely on it so much anymore, according to recent comments from an interview with

Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka commented on the future of gaming, saying that they believe that the industry is evolving:

We talk a certain amount internally about whether you need to have combat as part of the experience. Are there possibilities to actually start separating pieces of the game and actually tailor it to the audience?” said Zeschuk, creative officer of BioWare. “Certainly the core gaming experience, folks that are used to playing games over the last ten years, they want to have those battle moments, and the fighting. But there are different audiences that would maybe just enjoy the story.

“I think it’s actually possible. I think the interesting thing about it too is I don’t know if it’s even necessarily a technology thing. I think once we’ve got the breadth of audience available to us, there could be really good opportunities created by different people coming to games that are story-driven.”

That sounds like a pretty wonderful vision, especially for this gamer (I’m kind of the story-driven type, in case you hadn’t noticed). I’m sure that violent games will always have their place, but I wonder if we could see games grow into new territories if we keep moving in this direction. With games like Flower and Heavy Rain on their way to our consoles, you can certainly see something changing, that’s for sure. Do you look forward to this, or do you prefer your games blood soaked?

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