BioWare MMO pacing methodically toward a 2009 release

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BioWare’s in-development MMO is more secret than Secret Squirrel watching The Secret World of Alex Mack during the Secret Wars while listening to In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth. Thanks to technical director Bill Dalton, however, we do know that BioWare’s new project is slated to see the light of day in 2009.

Dalton slipped the release year out while talking to Information World about Streambase, a technology being implemented by BioWare to monitor the activities of players, keeping constant tabs on the movements of each user which will help BioWare to swiftly make fixes to the game and police abusive players. Other than that, very little is currently known, although the developer promises that “story, character and emotion,” will be key to the title and that visual customisation will be extensive. BioWare also wants to distance its MMO from World of Warcraft with a freshness of content, claiming that they don’t want users to be “stuck grinding through the same content over and over again.”

Certainly a game to keep an eye on, though we have a long, long time to do that. 

[Thanks to Buck F1tches for the tippage, as well as all the hard linking work he’s been doing] 

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