BioWare has something up its sleeve for this year’s N7 Day

Possibly a multiplayer beta

In the Mass Effect community, BioWare celebrates a holiday that it calls “N7 Day” on November 7. N7 is the highest level of special forces proficiency in Mass Effect‘s Systems Alliance military; November starts with an “N,” and November 7 is the seventh day of the month. It makes plenty of sense.

This N7 Day might be more special than some in recent memory. BioWare is shipping Mass Effect: Andromeda next spring and we still don’t know all that much about the game. Details are especially scarce on the multiplayer front, and that seems to be what this N7 Day is geared toward.

This teaser trailer urges people to sign up for The Andromeda Initiative, which is the game’s official newsletter. It says that those who do “will be among the first contacted to receive critical mission information, special training opportunities, and will also be eligible for reward upon program completion.” Most importantly, “orientation begins on November 7.”

“Special training opportunities” seems like something that could very feasibly be video game marketing-speak for a multiplayer beta. If so, we’ll find out next week. But, those who would be interested in the event that this hypothetical becomes a reality would do good to sign up just in case.

But, it’s all conjecture for now. Something Mass Effect-related is happening on November 7 — that much we can be sure of. Whatever it is, it’ll probably be the most notable N7 Day of the past four years.

Join the Andromeda Initiative [Mass Effect]

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