BioWare has heard your Mass Effect: Andromeda complaints

The studio says it will share its ‘plans’ next week

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While not providing any specifics just yet, BioWare has issued a message to Mass Effect: Andromeda players to reassure that feedback is being heard and that the team is “working around the clock to gather information and plan out solutions to improve and build on” the recently released game.

Andromeda‘s highest-profile problem is lackluster character animations that fall below what fans have come to expect from the Mass Effect series, but there are also technical issues and concerns with the script and voice acting. To what extent BioWare can turn the game around remains to be seen.

Here’s the full statement that was posted to Twitter this evening:

“It’s been a week since we officially launched Mass Effect: Andromeda worldwide, and we couldn’t be more excited that our fans are finally experiencing everything we’ve worked so hard to create.

We’ve received quite a bit of feedback, some of it positive and some of it critical. That feedback is an important part of our ongoing support of the game, and we can’t wait to share more of our immediate plans with you on Tuesday, April 4.

In the meantime, keep your feedback coming. Our team is listening, working around the clock to gather information and plan out solutions to improve and build on Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Thanks for your continued support and for joining us on this journey.”

I do hope we see improvements, even if they take a while. I’m only several hours in so far and as much as I want to like this game, I’ve had a hard time convincing myself to sit down with it again.

BioWare [Twitter]

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