BioWare confirms next Dragon Age is ‘right in the middle’ of production

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There is another top-level departure at the developer, though

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BioWare has another update on the current status of both Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Both are progressing, but alongside their updates, there’s also another high-level departure at BioWare.

Today’s blog confirms that Dragon Age executive producer Christian Dailey is leaving the studio. Dailey joined the team in 2018 and worked on the Anthem overhaul project. When Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah retired from the company, Dailey took lead on the upcoming Dragon Age game.

“The games industry is ever-changing though and sometimes folks want to go and try new things–we understand, but we will miss him as a friend and as a colleague,” wrote BioWare GM Gary McKay.

The update reaffirms the team that’s still in place for the next Dragon Age as well. Mac Walters, who led development on the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, is production director. Corrine Busche is game director, and Benoit Houle is director of product development. McKay says he will also be “working more closely” with the Dragon Age team.

As for the project itself, the update reaffirms that Dragon Age is “right in the middle of Production.” The blueprint was completed last year, according to McKay.

He also notes the ongoing word on Star Wars: The Old Republic, which just launched an expansion, and the next Mass Effect. Announced at The Game Awards, the new Mass Effect is being led by Mike Gamble, and the team is currently prototyping new ideas and experiences.

It sounds like these projects are still a ways off. A recent report from Jeff Grubb on his show GrubbSnax indicates it’s still about 18 months away, though it’s in good shape.

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