BioWare: Dragon Age marketing showed what was in the game

BioWare’s Greg Zeschuk has been addressing criticism of Dragon Age: Origins‘ advertising campaign, defending against claims that the marketing may have been misleading by focusing on the action and not letting consumers know much about the RPG elements. According to Zeschuk, everything shown in the marketing was part of the game. 

“I mean, it’s interesting to me obviously because of the controversy [surrounding the ads],” claims Zeschuk. “I think we were trying, and we’ve always said that certainly, what the real objective for us was, was to show what was in the game.

“Obviously, the advertising wasn’t in any way representative of the proportionate time split. Everything from the advertising was from the game, but it was only part of the time. There’s a lot of other stuff.”

Zeschuk points out that, regardless of what you may think, the advertising worked. However, it’s odd that he claims that everything in the trailers was part of the game. I don’t quite remember pushing hordes of Darkspawn off cliff edges while party members somersaulted from the shoulders of enemies and a sorceress spider performed barrel rolls before gorging on the flesh of enemies. 

Sorry, but the above video does not look representative of my time with Dragon Age. At all. It’s alright to have a little over-exaggeration in your marketing, but at least have the good grace to admit it.

BioWare’s Zeschuk Talks Dragon Age Marketing Choice [Gamasutra]

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