BioWare creating a new Montreal group to handle Mass Effect 2

BioWare is creating a new Montreal “group” for Mass Effect 2. The plan is to take a few staff members from the existing BioWare Edmonton studio and put them in Electronic Arts’s Montreal studio. Then, BioWare will hire some new guys from the available Montreal development pool to bolster the mini-staff. According to BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka, the idea is to get roughly 30 people in the new studio.

GameDaily confirmed the move today with EA vice president of communications, Jeff Brown, and BioWare big man, Muzyka. “We’re really excited about [the new group], and we think it’s going to be a huge opportunity to tap into the talent base in Monteral while supplementing our existing teams in Edmonton and Austin, which are doing some great stuff on all the other projects BioWare’s working on,” Muzyka said.

The new group will begin with ME 2, but will eventually move on to new projects. Because, well, that’s what developers do.

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