BioWare aims to make people emotional with upcoming games

Mass Effect 2

and Dragon Age: Origins might make players cry — or experience exhilaration, get wicked pissed, or feel like a nerd. Described as the “goal” in an interview with, Ray Muzyka said BioWare aims to make players feel emotions while playing both of their upcoming releases.

“I think that’s the goal, to try and make people feel the same emotions they feel in real life,” said Muzyka after saying he thought the two titles might force people to shed a tear or two.

Muzyka continued. He said that even the slightest stuff — bad eye design, for example (we’re looking at you Mass Effect) — could steal credibility from the title and thus kill any sort of emotional connection. He said the studio has to do things “just right,” to get that emotional response.

“If you don’t have all those things just right,” he said, “you can’t break through that barrier to get the genuine emotional engagement with characters. That’s where you get some of the more difficult emotions to convey, of love, sadness, regret, fondness, hatred, dislike, these are all valid expressions and emotions we strive for, and they’re hard to do.”

So, wait, Dragon Age — the “new s–t” — Origins could make us cry AND play around with prostitutes AND it comes with a cloth map (that for some reason I haven’t seen yet)? Sign me up for three — nay, four copies.

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