BioShock widescreen fix on the way

Remeber the BioShock widescreen drama from late August? Picky gamers were up in arms about some cropping and other technical babble that I didn’t care about as I was too busy avoiding Big Daddies to mind. Now it seems that this “non-problem” (CosbyTron’s C-blog entry does great job of explaining) will have a fix.

The always awesome Ars Technicia has spotted a post from a 2K Games representative that points to an upcoming fix.

The widescreen patch will be coming in the next title update, which is out soon, and i will update you guys as soon as it goes up!

I don’t know about you all, but I’m good. The issue wasn’t much of a problem in the first place, and I’ve already moved on to the next game. I guess this will be handy (or worth checking out) the next time I decide to revisit Rapture, but for now it’s too late to matter that much. 

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