BioShock wallpaper: sweeter than Art Deco?

Well, maybe not, but Dan over at TheBBPS already used the sweetest title I can think of.

Nevertheless, this amazing BioShock wallpaper makes me a happy little gene-splicer indeed. If I were a baser man, I would’ve said something along the lines of “Oh my God, this is so pimptight amazing sweet awesomesauce!” However, I am quite above such trivialities.

Actually, no I’m not. That is what I said. 

The thing about this wallpaper that makes it so delicious is that it’s nefariously deceptive. I can almost see that Bouncer and his Little Sister traipsing through a field of dandelions, catching butterflies, perhaps preparing a picnic. They might even eat some ice cream before bludgeoning the f*ck out of anything that comes too close to them, viscera and gore flying everywhere, bones shattering, cerebrospinal fluid leaking out of the shattered husk of a man, his lifeforce soon to be extracted by a foot-long syringe.

Ok, fine. There aren’t any fields in Rapture. 

[via bits bytes pixels & sprites

Joseph Leray