BioShock team looking for multiplayer talent

2K Boston, the team responsible for BioShock, is looking for a lead designer to work on a first-person-shooter multiplayer mode. With 2K Marin working on BioShock 2, it looks like the team has something more original up its sleeve.

“You must be familiar with the current state of the art in multiplayer game design across a wide range of genres on both PC and console,” the job listing specifies. “You must be capable of analyzing and critiquing game designs and using that analysis to inform your own design sensibilities. We expect you to be familiar with BioShock and other 2K Boston/Irrational products and be able to speak critically about them.”

When BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams was announced, designer Ken Levine stated that his team would not be touching it because they were planning to “swing for the fences” with something “very very different.”

2K Boston is a talented team and it’ll be interesting to see what it does to shake up multiplayer FPS’.

Jim Sterling