BioShock ‘Survivor Mode’ coming to PS3 version

It seems that 2K is going all-out to make sure that BioShock arrives on the PlayStation 3 in stellar fashion, and among the new additions that will greeting Blu-ray fans when they finally enter the depths of Rapture is a brand new difficulty mode — Survivor Mode.

In Survivor Mode, enemies will be a lot tougher to take down, while Vita Chambers will replenish less EVE than before. The new mode is designed to restrict supplies and force players to become far more resourceful, hopefully employing far greater creativity in order to progress.

Although Survivor Mode still uses Vita Chambers, they can of course be turned off, and 2K suggests that this will be the ultimate BioShock challenge. Very ultimate indeed. Beating Survivor Mode without the chambers will, of course, be rewarded with a nice smart trophy. 

People who held out for the PS3 version must be laughing into their hats right now.

Jim Sterling