Bioshock sequel not announced, but will you settle for an interview?

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It has been said that there’s no such thing as a perfect game, and Bioshock is no exception. Even so, the game delivered a visceral experience all its own, and it unquestionably did many things right. One such thing was the way in which you could destroy your enemies in a multitude of ways. The experience always kept things fresh and enjoyable, and players never felt pigeonholed into one specific way of doing things.

That’s just a single reason as to why a sequel to the game is on everyone’s mind. The first one rocked — why shouldn’t the subsequent game? As luck would have it, the staff at NextGeneration caught up with 2K Marin’s creative director, Jordan Thomas, and picked his brain for some clues as to what can be expected of the game. While the interview touches upon Jordan’s early beginnings as a game designer, it’s the possible clues found throughout that may be a glimpse of further things to expect from the next game.

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Unfortunately for us, Jordan isn’t at liberty to speak about 2K Marin’s next project, but he does talk a little bit about the subject matter concerning the lecture (called White Space) he was giving at the University of Teesside’s Animex festival, right before being whisked away by game journalists:

“I really like the idea of the player being able to create dynamic physical attachments – Rube Goldberg machines of death! Those little chains of intent, those little arcs of player creativity are better expressed by tools that plug into each other. BioShock has a really great first crop of that kind of thing, but in games I do in the future I’ll want to generate much more of that – maybe give the player the ability to steal superpowers from characters that are wandering around the world, or alter their behavior in ways that amount to more than just getting them to fight each other. There’s a lot of potential real estate there.”

The ability to steal superpowers from those wandering around? Do tell us more! We got a taste of the altered behavior in the first game (with the Big Daddy’s), but it’s good to hear that there may be plans to expand upon and refine this. Overall, it sounds as if the game that everybody knows is coming, but nobody wants to really talk about at the moment, has already started to take form — in theory, anyway.

We can’t wait to see something a bit more concrete, as for fans of the first game, grasping at straws and trying to make connections to the future with whatever scraps and clues we can get our hands on is a painful undertaking, indeed. We all know it’s coming 2K. How about throwing us a bone?

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