BioShock Infinite will have a Season Pass

Would you pay today for a hamburger tomorrow? Or six months from now?

Opponents of the Season Pass, get ready to have your day all sorts of messed up, as 2K Games and Irrational have announced that BioShock Infinite will sport one. Three add-ons have been announced as DLC, totaling $30, which you can get for $20 with the Pass on the day of Infinite‘s launch.

If you buy the Pass, you’ll get access to the Early Bird Special Pack, that has new gear, gun upgrades, and gold weapon skins. You can boost that with the Industrial Revolution pre-order Pack for ultimate cheat code madness (because let’s face it, they’re basically cheat codes).

So, the Season Pass train keeps on rolling on into the station. Are you going to buy a ticket?

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