BioShock fisheries walkthrough is goddamn infuriating

Not because it looks bad or anything, but because it looks so effing good that I want to personally hold Ken Levine at gunpoint and force him to release the game a month early. Honestly, who would it hurt?

But in regards to the actual video, my goodness — did you see what he did with the fire and electrical plasmids? Or how he repositioned the trap? Or how he dealt with the Big Daddy? Incredible. Absolutely incredible. 

After Irrational made the simple statement that BioShock was, at its core, just a shooter, I was admittedly a bit disappointed. Now, however, all that disappointment has been replaced with a mixture of rage and anticipation, the former coming about due to an abundance of the latter. While it certainly looks like “just” a shooter, the sheer variety with which the playtester gets through this room is nothing short of insane. 

August 21st can’t come soon enough.

[Via GameVideos, obviously]

Update: BlindsideDork is a spelling Nazi

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Anthony Burch