BioShock contest reminder: Who’s your Big Daddy?

So, how is everyone doing with making their Big Daddy costume for our BioShock hot contest? Here’s what’s at stake:

– A sweet BioShock t-shirt
– A sweet BioShock, limited edition faceplate

And all you have to do is dress up like one of BioShock‘s Big Daddys, and then take a picture of yourself. Simple enough, right? I assume everyone is working up until the last minute, as we’ve only received a handful of entries, and everyone down here in Rapture is very, very sad.

Once, again, the deadline for this contest is midnght (EST) on August 7th. This lazy Sunday is the perfect time to pull some crap out of your basement to make that detailed Big Daddy costume. 

Hop to it! Make us proud!

Nick Chester