BioShock and motion control? Only if it’s ‘subtle’ enough

We’ve been chatting with 2K Marin creative director Jordan Thomas ahead of our upcoming BioShock 2 review, as you may have guessed from the truckload of stories we’ve posted. We had to ask the question everybody asks — could BioShock work on the Wii? Thomas’ answer was that it absolutely could … if motion controls were more subtle. 

“Speaking only for myself, I don’t think BioShock is about interface,” he tells us. “It’s more about choice and expressivity — made immediate and spectacular enough to encourage experimentation. If motion controllers are subtle and varied enough to translate gestures into all the forms of input our simulation demands, then it’s absolutely possible.”

I’m not sure that “expressivity” is a word, but I like Thomas’ thinking. Perhaps Natal or the Sony Wiimote will give BioShock the subtlety and variety it needs. Would you like to use your own hands to fling Plasmids around, or do you prefer your BioShock in a more traditional format?

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