BioShock 2’s updated DRM specs are slightly less annoying

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Last week, a good portion of the Internet flipped the eff out upon hearing the DRM specifications for the digital versions of BioShock 2, and rightfully so. Games for Windows LIVE and SecuROM attached to a single game is not a pleasant sight for many a PC gamer.

Thankfully, what you heard about the DRM is likely no longer the case; 2K has scaled back the protection against piracy. Leading BioShock expert Elizabeth from The Cult of Rapture informs us that “SecuROM will be used only to verify the game’s executable and check the date.”

 “There will be no SecuROM install limits for either the retail or digital editions. Beyond that, we are only using standard Games for Windows Live non-SSA guidelines, which, per Microsoft, comes with 15 activations (after that, you can reset them with a call to Microsoft).”

So yeah, you’ll still have to be online when you first install the game because of GFWL. From that point on, the single-player can be played offline, though. If this all sounds undesirable, even after the SecuROM install limits were removed, you aren’t alone.

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