BioShock 2’s concept artist shows off the final Big Daddy

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Concept artist Colin Fix has one of the best jobs I can possibly imagine: he’s in charge of all the concept art for 2K’s upcoming BioShock 2. He recently posted his final design for the Big Daddy that you will play in the game on his blog, Knuckle Deep, and wow does it ever look cool — I can’t wait to see cosplayers try to take this costume on!

If you’ve missed out on previous updates on Colin’s blog, he’s also posted early sketches of the Big Sister, her final design, and the Ceiling Crawler, a guy you’re sure to fight once the game comes out. Everything about BioShock 2 really does look proper creepy, and I can say with all assurance that I’m looking forward to it more than ever before.

[Thanks, Joonas!]

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