BioShock 2 ‘Capture the Sister’ mode unveiled

Hot off the heels of a rather interesting (and somewhat polarizing) single-player trailer, 2K Games has returned with yet another video, this time unveiling a brand new multiplayer mode, “Capture the Sister.”

As you might imagine, this is a “Capture the Flag” style mode with a Rapture-flavored twist. Players will have to find Little Sisters, grab them, and then deposit them safely into a vent. Of course, other players will be trying to do the same. Watching mutated freaks fight over little girls is equal parts disturbing and hilarious, and it looks like quite a chaotic and crazy experience. 

I must confess, the more I see of this, the more confident I get that BioShock 2 will live up to its name. I was very skeptical about the multiplayer, but I am willing to give it a shot. If it looks as good as it does in the trailer, I’ll be happy to waste a few hours of my life in it. 

What say you? Look tempting, or do you have your reservations?

James Stephanie Sterling