Bionic Commando Wii Petition contest update: Awesome fan made sprites

This community never ceases to amaze me with it’s awesomeness. You wont find this sort of creativity and “can do” on the C-blogs of other gaming sites. Wait, that’s right. You wont actually find C-blogs on other gaming sites, will you?

C-blogger MunnyJive has thrown his or her hat into the Bionic Commando for the Wii petition contest with an entry so packed with love that I can hardly stand it. Munny created a nearly full sprite sheet of a “Bionic Commando suit” Mario power up, complete with sunglasses. I can’t wait to see if this is used for some future fan made Mario game. 

This entry will be tough to beat. However, some inspired Cosplay or other displays of fandom may still be able to take it down and win the crown. So what gives? Don’t you want a free Wii game and a drawing done by me of my Canadian ex-girlfriend from 1989? Then enter the contest before it’s too late!


Jonathan Holmes
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