Bionic Commando sequel already a go?

The new Bionic Commando hasn’t even hit shelves yet but in this day and age games have sequels before they’re even created. So how do we know that we might be getting a sequel to Bionic Commando some time in the future? A series of short and long dashes also known as Morse code have revealed the secret.

Those who have received the game early for review have discovered a bit of Morse code in the game that translates into “BESTAETIGE AUSFUEHRUNG VON PHASE ZWEI VORBEREITET AKTIVIERE PROJEKT ALBATROSS.” This is clearly in another language (German) and thus must be translated again into “CONFIRM THE IMPLEMENTATION OF PHASE TWO PROJECT PREPARED ACTIVATE ALBATROSS.”

Phase two? Project Albatross? Well phase one of Project Albatross was Hitler’s Master-D’s ressurection in the original Bionic Commando. We all remember how that ended, right? Since Master-D doesn’t seem to be appearing in the new iteration fo the game that means that the rebirth of Project Albatross would have to happen in a second Bionic Commando. Could Hitler once again be returning?

Matthew Razak