Bionic Commando PC finally hits retail, Steam

Bionic Commando — the new one, not Rearmed or the NES classic — is now available for PC at retail stores and Steam for $39.99. Actually, scratch that. If you pre-purchase from Steam, you can save a few bucks; also, there’s supposed to be a bundle with Rearmed for $44.99, but it hasn’t showed up yet.

Ordinarily, I would try to look for the positives in the situation, but there aren’t many to be found here. The buzz around Bionic Commando is that it can be fun once you pick up the swing mechanic, but it didn’t exactly review well. Plus, the console versions are now $19.99 and under if you look in the right places.

To the game’s credit, the piano version of its main theme is beyond rad. Seriously, go listen to it if you have yet to hear it — it brings back fond memories of the original.

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