Biomutant’s latest trailer gives us a glimpse of its open-world

Not much kung fu, though

THQ Nordic’s open-world, anthropomorphic, kung fu inspired Biomutant just got a new trailer from Gamescom 2018 and it doesn’t show off much. We get a quick glimpse of the game’s open-world setting, an even shorter look at the combat and a sample of the Chinese inspired theme song. If you were hoping for more details on the game, this isn’t it.

At least the polish on the title has come a long way since last year. All the animations look a lot more fluid and the weather effects are very convincing. As for anything else one can glean from this preview, you’ll have to look over each scene with a fine-toothed comb. We don’t even get a firm release date, which is still scheduled for sometime in 2018. (As noted below by Lawman, Biomutant is now scheduled for a Summer 2019 date.)

Nearly one year ago, I posted about Biomutant’s Gamescom trailer and was a bit unenthused. Open-world has become a bit of a dirty word to me and nothing on display looked all that interesting. I still have some hope for the game as infusing kung fu with a massive scale map could make for some Zatoichi style shenanigans, but if this latest trailer from Gamescom is anything to go by, Biomutant is not for me. It just bears too much resemble to other games that I’ve grown tired of.

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.