Bill Clinton was asked to voice Fallout 3’s president

Lev Chapelsky is cool. He’s the general manager of Blindsight, a firm that procures celebrity talent for videogames with big budgets — games like Fallout 3.

In an interview with Edge, Chapelsky told a story related to Blindsight’s hunt to find the perfect person to be Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic president. One person they might have gone after was once an American president, and a notorious one to boot. Bill Clinton.

Chapelsky’s memory is a bit foggy, but during the lengthy conversation, he mentioned Bill Clinton as an example of a celebrity whose attorneys’ answer quickly to Blindsight’s requests. When asked to reveal what game Clinton was pinged for, Chapelsky did so.

“I think that might have been to play the president in Fallout 3,” he said. “Wouldn’t that have been brilliant? You get to that point in game and you hear that voice in the ether coming from off-camera and you’re like, ‘I know that guy!’”

Bill Clinton in Fallout 3? It would have been spooky to hear his silky voice over the radio or in, uh, other places.

Brad BradNicholson