Big update for OnLive adds new features today

OnLive has had a crazy day today, but the service still released some awesome new features. The update is split up into three main areas, those being parental controls, group voice chat and Facebook achievement sharing.

Parental controls are exactly what you think they are; no M-rated titles, no chatting with strangers, no Brag Clips and no spectating are some of the things parents will be able to control. Group voice chat is a definite nod towards Xbox Live’s party system, allowing you to chat with a bunch of your buddies no matter what you or they are doing. The chat works cross-platform between TV, PC and Mac. Facebook achievement sharing will include automatic uploads of your brag clips and achievements to your wall, creating new ways to annoy the hell out of your friends even more. This update is available today, so if you use OnLive you should probably go check it out.

Brett Zeidler