Big ol’ Bethesda sale: Cheap Dishonored 2, Elder Scrolls Online, and more

$24 Dishonored 2 and $20 ESO Gold

It’s a weekend filled with big Bethesda sales across multiple digital retailers. After a quick look, the best deal resides at GMG where it is beating out Steam and Bundle Stars on pricing. So, if you’ve been enjoying Dishonored 2‘s demo and wanted more, head to GMG for a 58% off discount down to $24.79 (this beats out Steam’s 50% off for the same Steam key).

Other noteworthy picks in the sale include The Elder Scrolls Online, with the base game at only $12 while the complete Gold Edition is only $20 (that’s also a historic low price). For those that still don’t have Skyrim in their library, the Legendary Edition is on sale for $20. All deals listed below are Steam keys and will run for almost two weeks until next Friday.



The Elder Scrolls


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