Big bosses, big weapons in new Lost Planet 2 trailer

Hey, did you hear that Lost Planet 2 multiplayer is the Street Fighter of shooters? Well, that’s what Capcom’s Seth Killian said. And since he can beat me in Street Fighter using only one hand, any time he uses the words “street” and “fighter” in a single sentence, I have to accept it as truth. Because I have no choice.

Doesn’t much matter, because I’ll probably not play much of Lost Planet 2‘s multiplayer. See, I’m a bit anti-social, and I don’t even want to take the chance that some 9-year-old might call me a naughty name. But if this trailer’s any indication, the game’s single-player is going to feature bigger bosses, crazier Vital suits, and crazier weapons than the first game. Coupled with some variation in the environments, I’m already sold.

Lost Planet 2 comes out May 11, and I think playing the game’s 4-player cooperative mode with friends will keep me away from 9-year-olds. Unless of course I make friends with a 9-year-old between now and then. Stranger things have happened.

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