Bibleman gets a videogame? There IS a God!

If you’re as cool and hip as myself, you’ll doubtless be aware of Bibleman, the classic collection of DVDs about a God-fearing superhero who fights for justice using the power of religion. The wearer of the full armor of God is a sight to behold — greater than your stupid Spider-Man with his stupid mask that makes him look like stupid Zool because he is a big stupidheaded stupid. Does HE have our Creator and Father on his side? No, radioactive arachnid mutant photographers are not men of God.

Bibleman, however, is a true American hero and after years of my silently praying, I will finally be able to harness the power of THE LAWD in videogame form. With cutting edge graphics and gameplay mechanics, Bibleman: A Fight For Faith is going to be the most important videogame of the century. It’s the ONLY videogame since Bible Adventures that comes Jesus-approved! 

Religion is so cool.

Jim Sterling